Best Tactical Knives – Buying Guide

Let’s say the word tactical and what immediately comes to mind is probably a secret military operation of the SWAT SAS type involving an extremely dangerous situation and the skilful deployment of a combat weapon against an odious enemy. A tactical knife, unlike an ordinary knife, therefore seems to be deadly, truly deadly, put in the hands of an uneducated and inexperienced knife handler. Man has been using tactical knives since the beginning of dawn, but the definition of what constitutes a tactical knife has evolved and developed over the years to become the styles and blades we have today. Can you really make a difference by looking at them and what are the main characteristics that make your knife a technically tactical knife as opposed to a regular knife? Two essential things: design and functionality. For it to be a tactical knife, it must first and foremost be adapted to the use for which it is intended. A tactical knife is a versatile and versatile utility knife that will help you perform literally a myriad of essential cutting tasks while being an excellent form of self-defence and a valuable asset for someone in a critical first responder position. So let’s go look at the top 10 tactical style knives from some of the leading manufacturers in this category.

Smith &; Wesson SWBG2TS Tactical KnifeBUY
MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Tactical knife MTech USABUY
Contego 810 Benchmade Contego 810 Tactical KnifeBUY
Tool logic Tactical knife SLP2BUY
Gerber contrast AO knifeBUY
Ruger 2 Stage Veff KnifeBUY
Gerber Covert Knife with Serrated EdgeBUY
Gerber decree knifeBUY
Schrade folding knife M.A.G.I.I.C.BUY
Spyderco Assist Carbide Combined Carbide KnifeBUY

#1 Smith &; Wesson SWBG2TS Tactical Knife


So you’ve all heard of Smith &; Wesson, their weapons are legendary and their selection of knives is no exception. Whether you are a collector, a fan of outdoor survival activities or one of the many and varied first responders in the event of a crisis, Smith &; Wesson is a brand you can count on and can count on to get results and protect yourself.

Featuring a 4.4-inch Tanto serrated blade, this SWBG2TS tactical knife is versatile and multifunctional and will be your ally in multiple situations. By combining the benefits of a glass breaker with an integrated seat belt cutter and a softened edge, there is no chance that this knife will let you down. Better yet, it works whether you are left-handed or right-handed and has an exceptional serrated blade that makes it the ideal survival knife for outdoor use.


  • brandSmith and Wesson
  • model3096
  • Weight of the device9.6 ounces
  • Easy-to-carry pocket clamp for quick access
  • Durable blade in carbon black oxide 7Cr17MoV with high carbon content
  • Textured Trac-Tec handle inserts
  • Ambidextrous thumb buttons for easy handling
  • Lining lock for additional blade safety
  • This knife is not spring-assisted.
  • The blade can be unlocked with 2 hands.
  • Definitely on the big side

#2 MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Tactical knife MTech USA

Part of a family business that has been in existence since 1982, MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Tactical Knife is one of their fixed blade offerings made of high-quality 440 stainless steel with a Tanto-style blade that has been absolutely designed with durability and reliability in mind.

With its 5.5-inch Tanto blade made of high-quality steel and measuring 11 inches, it is a serious and robust knife with black serrations along the spine and a blood groove that is a great option for camping, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. Handling and grip are safe, regardless of weather conditions, and there is extended protection for peace of mind and safety. Comes with a built-in strap hole so you can tie an extra cord to wear around your neck, or just operate in and out of the nylon sheath that is included.


  • modelMX-8054
  • Weight of the device1.1 pounds
  • Safe and secure thanks to a robust nylon sheath
  • 5.5-inch blade with powerful serrated edge
  • Strap hole to wear with rounded neck
  • Superior adhesion in rainy weather
  • Extended protector for increased protection
  • The fixed blade lacks flexibility
  • Small finger loops for larger hands
  • Poorly adjusted leg warmer, regular complaints, it is too small.

#3 Contego 810 Benchmade Contego 810 Tactical Knife


Benchmade is truly the reference in the manufacture of quality knives worldwide, specializing in tactical, rescue, everyday, outdoor, hunting and survival weapons since 1988. Their Contego foldable tactical knife testifies to the durability and quality of the steel they use. This is a very powerful tactical knife with a host of features that you will love, whether you are a dependent hunter or work in a first responder service.

It’s big, cheeky and aggressive. Made of CPM-M4 stainless steel to offer exceptional strength and toughness while having the flexibility and ease of use with one hand and in an ambidextrous way. This is a great example of an inverted Tanto blade that will support you in all your tactical applications with a powerful tip and an incorporated carbide glass breaker. The Contego 810 is ready for anything. The only question is: are you?


  • brandmade on a bench
  • model810SBKK
  • Weight of the device8.8 ounces
  • Made of the highest quality M4 steel
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Robust AXIS lock and ambidextrous operation
  • Inverted Tanto style blade
  • Comes with a deep pocket clip
  • Manual mechanism

#4 Tool logic Tactical knife SLP2

It’s truly the ultimate compact “pocket rocket” of tools combining both a sharp and serrated blade with a ton of exceptional and unique features and benefits that can be expected from the Tool Logic brand. They really thought of everything you might need during your tactical activities!

Where to start when it comes to features? First, it has a partially serrated 3-inch blade with easy one-handed action with a thumb notch. It also features a magnesium alloy fire starter, ideal for bonfires and campfires lit outdoors in harsh weather conditions. It is stacked with other surviving style security features that will be very useful if you get lost during an expedition. With a noisy emergency whistle and a waterproof flashlight, the Tool Logic SLP2 tactical knife could save your life. It also comes with a safety lock and a belt clip for easy transport. Just tie it on top of your pants or tactical belt and you are ready to answer the call of nature!

  • brandSOG
  • modelSLP2
  • Weight of the device1.6 ounces
  • Combination of a folding blade and a versatile survival tool
  • 3-inch stainless steel serrated blade
  • Easily attaches to your belt or pocket
  • Integrated waterproof whistle and flashlight
  • Small, compact and easy to carry
  • Maybe a little small for some
  • Limited in its “cutting” applications

#5 Gerber contrast AO knife

The Gerber brand was founded in 1939 in Portland, Oregon, and has since built a recognized international reputation in manufacturing high-quality problem-solving products for hunters, soldiers and craftsmen. Innovation and design are at the heart of all Gerber knives and this fine-edged knife with assisted opening is no exception with its advanced mechanism allowing rapid deployment with one hand when you need it most.

Gerber Contrast AO Knife is pleasant to hold and handle, it is light but robust with its G-10 quality steel, which means it is extremely durable and resistant to rust and weathering. It was intelligently and intelligently designed to be both aesthetic and efficient. With its matt black handle and contrasting blade, this utility-style tactical knife keeps a low profile. Don’t trust its light handling either, it can really tackle all kinds of heavy jobs and with its pocket clip for easy transport, you literally won’t want to leave the house without this knife by your side. Also, be sure to check out the Karambit Knife Guide for other great products like this one.


  • brandtanners
  • modelGE30-000258_Schwarz
  • Weight of the device0.8 ounce
  • 2.0 assisted opening mechanism for quick one-handed use
  • Lightweight to carry and easy to handle
  • Thin edge for a precise and smooth cut
  • Lanyard hole to attach the cord
  • Pocket clamp for easy portability
  • Some users may experience difficulties with the opening mechanism

#6 Ruger 2 Stage Veff Knife

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Described by many as a tactical masterpiece, this 2-step knife was designed by Texan Robert Carter who was inspired by the clean lines of American fighter aircraft and the appearance and feel of the famous Ruger Rifle from which its name was derived. It is robust, robust, robust and solid in appearance.

Ruger 2 Stage Veff is a beautiful example of a folding tactical knife with a very resistant serrated edge and a robust design that was inspired by the Ruger Rifle. It features a quality 3.58-inch Veff blade, washed with stone, and a 4-position clip, making it not only the ideal knife for daily transport, but also a knife that will not let you down in any situation.


  • brandColumbia River Knife &; Tool
  • modelR2104K
  • Weight of the device6.9 ounces
  • Folding knife with firm locking assistance
  • Compact serrated blade
  • Multi-position pocket clip
  • Made of Chinese steel

#7 Covert Gerber Applegate knife

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Gerber proudly manufactures knives in the USA for the military and service industry so you can be sure their knives are made of the highest precision quality steel and built to last and support you in any life or death situation. The Applegate Covert is characterized by exceptional resistance and balanced handling in a lance-type knife.

With its 154 cm blade covered with titanium nitride, it is a 3.78-inch blade that is very robust and reliable. Featuring a patented Roto-Lock, it is easy to handle and store safely. It was designed by Colonel Rex Applegate who was an authority on close combat and what he designed was an unparalleled knife in terms of durability, balance and strength. With a nylon handle filled with glass, it also offers an excellent grip in all conditions. With a total length of 8.7 inches and weighing only 4.2 ounces, it is strong and will keep you safe.


  • brand tanners
  • model 1025483
  • Weight of the device 6.4 ounces
  • Incredible strength and balance
  • Double bevel coating in titanium nitride
  • Patented rotary lock
  • Impressive 3.78-inch blade
  • No protective sheath

#8 Gerber decree knife


Another excellent tactical knife offered by Gerber’s experts. This is called a modified Tanto blade, built of S30V blade steel but finished with a black ceramic coating. This gives the Decree knife incredible resistance to rust and corrosion, so you can be sure that this knife is made to last.

Easy to slip into your pocket for daily access and on-demand deployment, the Decree features textured rubber moldings to provide a firm and comfortable grip in all situations. With its modified Tanto blade, you get a superior drilling and cutting capacity, but this blade is also easy to keep sharp. With partial serrated along the blade, you get even more advanced cutting power and with the addition of a hardened steel glass breaker housed in the knob, this knife will allow the operator to easily get to work in any rescue operation.


  • brand tanners
  • model 30-001004
  • Weight of the device 8.8 ounces


  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Secure textured handle all seasons
  • Tanto tip offers superior drilling quality
  • Hardened steel glass breaker
  • Durable steel blade S30V with ceramic coating
  • No protective sheath
  • Complaints pocket clip too tight

#9 Schrade folding knife M.A.G.I.I.C.


First of all, it’s better to explain what is literally so MAGIC about this folding knife from Scharde. Well, what it represents is versatile, assisted, generational and innovative cutlery. So now you know! Translated into everyday language, this means that you get one of the easiest to open knives currently available on the market thanks to its patented and assisted dual opening mechanism.

With a 2.8-inch stainless steel blade and a total knife length of 7.1 inches, the Schrade M.A.G.I.I.C folding knife is easy to carry and even easier to handle. Plus, it comes with a pocket clip transport system, which means it can really be part of your everyday transport. Its ergonomic design and comfortable handling make it a perfect versatile folding knife, usable by both left-handed and right-handed people.


  • brand schrade
  • model SHA4BG
  • Weight of the device 4 ounces
  • Patented double assisted opening mechanism
  • Ambidextrous handling
  • Reliable lining and safety lock when opening and closing
  • Pocket clamp for daily transport
  • Complains that over time, the locking mechanism fails.
  • Subject to relax inside your pocket

#10 Spyderco Assist Carbide Combined Carbide Knife

This knife was originally designed for fire and emergency rescue professionals and is therefore marketed as a truly unisex knife. This is also why it was called the “Assist” knife. Made in Japan from high-quality VG-10 stainless steel, it features a black fiberglass reinforced nylon handle, which means that the knife can be easily used in forward and reverse, as well as ambidextrously.

Designed and designed for professional use, this knife is a simple, easy-to-use and uncomplicated tool that offers flawless and reliable performance every time. It features a Cobra cap that is essentially a metal cap that guides your thumb effortlessly for super fast and efficient opening and deployment. As can be expected from a knife for rescue missions, it also has an integrated survival whistle and a carbide-tipped retractable glass breaker. One of the best Spyderco knives!


  • brand Spyderco
  • model SC79PSBBBK-BRK
  • Weight of the device 4 ounces
  • Point with smooth edges for a detailed cut
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • Porting and bidirectional operation
  • Integrated survival whistle
  • No protective sheath